What Can I Claim?

Personal Injury

Following a non-fault road traffic accident you may be entitled to recover damages in respect of personal injury for your pain, suffering and loss of amenity following the accident. Loss of amenity could occur if you were unable to follow a hobby as a result of injury or are prevented from doing your regular daily tasks.

You may also be able to claim additional compensation for being at a disadvantage in the job market as a result of your injury, or possibly the fact that you can no longer continue in certain chosen careers.

Financial expenses

These could include:-

Repair costs to your vehicle
Write-off value of your vehicle
Reduction in value of your vehicle following repair
Recovery and storage charges
Car hire charges
Policy Excess
Damage to Property
Compensation for loss of use and inconvenience whilst your vehicle is off the road
Travel expenses
Loss of earnings (past and future)
Telephone and postage costs
Cost of care
Medical expenses (including private treatment)
Obviously this list is not exhaustive and further items of claim can be discussed at the relevant time.